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When it is speaking of nfl jersey sales, in our Greater China, we have to talk about table tennis, our country’s national football, the results of a brief introduction for all of you.

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All the Olympic women singles champions are Chinese players,and all the World Cup women singles champions are Chinese players, all the Olympic Games and men teams, women team gold medal is the Chinese team.

The Beijing Olympics even won all six medals in singles. It still on the court to win a medal, such a result can be said to be almost unmatched.So far now,the people in other countries have such a statement, table tennis levels, rookie, introductory, professional, master, nightmare and China. This shows the strength of the Chinese table tennis.

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But on the United States, the most famous ball is the NBA. almost everyone plays basketball from an early age, especially the black race in the United States. Many basketball stars are black, play in the slums were found by scouts and then become famous.However, the national football in the United States is rugby. In the United States, the NBA has been dumped several streets by the NFL in the United States. Nine of the top 10 national history TV shows have been filled with NFL.The reason for the national character is that Americans like to fight the fierce excitement and at the same time embody the movement of unity.

And Nike is looking at this spirit, working with NFL to complete the supply of the entire major league Jerseys, Wholesale NFL jerseys is really right in the use of Nike’s big brand.Although Nike is known mainly for basketball and running, the Super Bowl and Major League football sponsorship,which is no stingy. And the idea of super-light, super-fast as a shirt to create, which let the players on the court to charge faster.

Nike and NFL have renewed their long-term sponsorship agreement for eight years from 2020, according to Ann. The agreement, which will remove personal sponsorship and also receive Nike’s bespoke shoes and gloves, according to the Ann.

Of course, this benefit includes 32 teams in the league, and the amount of the contract will be close to nine figures after replacing Reebok as General sponsor in 2012.

So the sportsmanship of sport, acting, and free play makes the NFL jerseys go further and further.